Fiscal Fitness PHX

When you decided
to take the leap

& become a Fitness Pro
(or gym fanatic like us),

did you hesitate
or let
fear win?

Of course you didn’t. You’re stronger than that.

Chances are that you were scared, but you did it anyway.

…but when it comes to your finances…

You find yourself wondering things like:

“I’m making enough money…so why don’t I have more in savings?”
Other people can figure out this money stuff. Why can’t I?”
“Understanding my money shouldn’t be this hard.”


& guess what? You’re not alone.


Training your money shouldn’t be “hard”
or “frustrating.”

But…if you don’t know how to properly train your money, you’ll end up frustrated, miserable, & (possibly) pulling your hair out. You & I both know that with a solid, well-constructed training plan you can get massive results – real MONEY GAINS that you & others actually notice. It’s time to train your money to work harder for you.

What if there was a way for you to gain powerful, pro-card-level money confidence so that you can finally

Save for the things you’ve been stressing about (so you can stop stressing!!)

Hire that dream-worth Posing Coach who’s worked with 2 (!!) Ms. Olympias

Create (& execute) a monthly budget that works for you (& still pays for your daily trip to Starbies)

Have confidence in your financial future so that you can look forward to that vacation or retirement that currently seems like a pipe dream

Stock your home gym with that Smith Machine you’ve had on your wishlist for years

Finally cross off the “money master” box on your adult bingo card, and more…

​With the right guidance, you can absolutely figure out this
“money stuff.”


The Plan Makers Academy

A self-paced online money training program designed to
teach you exactly what you need to know to go from money novice to proud money pro card holder.

This is NOT your mom’s money plan. Plan Maker’s Academy is designed exclusively for fitness pros & athletes (just like you) by expert financial coaches (who just so happen to also be fitness obsessed).

We’ve created a simple, to-the-point money training plan that practically guarantees results – as long as you put in the work (you wouldn’t show up to a powerlifting competition without prepping…would you?).

As a Plan Maker, you’ll discover:

Exactly how to create a realistic, livable budget that actually takes your lifestyle into account. That means we won’t ask you to live on rice & beans, or cancel your gym membership, personal trainer, or skip out on a night out with friends.

Your powerful financial WHY so that you can finally dream those BIG dreams & start planning for them

Exactly how to create a customized financial training plan (okay, okay…it’s a budget. SIGH. In our defense, “Training Plan” sounds so.much.better.) that works for you – including how to know what’s working, & when to refine things

Where (& how) to cut costs so that you can get that financial pro card even faster.

What you need to do to plan ahead & save with intention so that your dreams actually become your reality.

Debt payoff strategies that are reasonable, measurable, & don’t involve selling your car for a “junker” or never eating out again…& actually work!

How to be a master at planning ahead for purchases & expenses – from birthday parties to holidays & travel, stressed out, last-minute purchases that have to go on the credit card will be a thing of the past.

Plus…we’re giving you… 

All the resources that you’ll need to start your training plan & keep it up – think comprehensive videos, worksheets, downloads, & prompts. Plus, you’ll receive any & all updates &/or additions to these resources with your lifetime access. 

A crystal clear money training strategy that actually works & will keep you moving toward your financial goals (so that you never have to wonder “how am I gonna pay for that?!” ever again.).

&, as a Plan Maker, you have LIFETIME access to the program as well as unparalleled support & accountability from your expert financial coaches. 

No more wondering if you’re “doing it right” or trying to puzzle out how to pay for that trip to your next show – join us for LIVE Q&A opportunities & pre-planned trainings each & every month. No more unanswered questions (that’s just not how we roll around here). 

Meet Your Fiscal Fitness Pros 

Kelsa Financial Coach

Meet Kelsa

After working hard for 7 years as a financial advisor & corporate accountant, I realized I didn’t want to sell investments & insurance or deal with corporate red tape anymore.

I wanted to help the people who actually mattered to me – my friends & family, my cheerleaders at the gym (y’all know who you are!), & the people who are like me – people who would do literally anything to get better, faster, & stronger. So in 2008, I started a “side hustle” & worked that until it replaced my corporate income.

&, when it did in 2010, I quit my corporate job (honestly, it was draining my life force & affecting my marriage!) so I could start my own business as a financial coach to fitness professionals like you (& me).

Jill Financial Coach

Meet Jill

When my husband & I found ourselves on the verge of bankruptcy years ago after an unexpected layoff & not fully understanding our finances, we turned to Fiscal Fitness & started to put in the work. We were given a training plan to stick to & would update our coach (Hey, Kelsa!) on the regular about our progress.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that financial coaching is POWERFUL. It’s like hiring Arnold’s trainer to help you sculpt your dream physique – but with money.

& when the opportunity came to join the Fiscal Fitness PHX team later that year, I jumped at the chance to work with this incredible company.

Jaclyn Financial Coach

Meet Jaclyn

You would think a former math teacher would be a natural budgeter…but you’d be wrong.

I started making “real” money, & I thought my finance worries would be solved. They weren’t – instead, I was still living paycheck-to-paycheck & feeling extremely jealous whenever my friends posted pictures on Facebook of themselves enjoying vacations in exotic places.

Something had to change, so my husband & I invested in a financial coach & made a remarkable amount of progress in five years.

Finally understanding my finances changed my life – & that’s why I am a financial coach. I want you to see the possibilities too & get to do all the things you want to do.

The Path to Your Money Pro Card is SIMPLE

Jill Fiscal Fitness

To become pro card-level confident with your money, we’ve designed a 2-step program (kind of like your plan for bigger biceps – which we both know happens over time…not overnight).

Plan Makers will learn the specific skills that are needed to become a money pro. As you master each skill, we’ll add the next challenge, resulting in you becoming a life-long, successful, pro-level Plan Maker in as little as two months. Really!!

Gain Clarity

Start to get it all organized, wrap your brain around your finances, & build your Plan Ahead Budget.

Build New Habits

Fine tune your budget, figure out your best debt payoff strategy, save with intention, & plan for all those miscellaneous expenses.

Define Your Purpose

Learn how to set goals up for success, define your money “Why”, & put that purpose behind your money

In just 2 months, you’ll…

  • Create foundational money habits
  • Discover a sustainable, long term system for managing your money (that might actually be fun!)
  • Remove the chaos & have clarity about where your money is going
  • Know your money WHY & use it to fuel your drive to financial greatness (we’re not just chasing more dollars here!!)
  • Have fun. Promise. Planning is the key to making anything, including money, fun.
  • Embrace your new financial identity (growth, baby!)
  • Look forward to a future you’re beyond excited about

All Plan Makers receive:

A 2-phase training program developed by Fiscal Fitness PHX to help you create a reasonable, liveable, sustainable money training plan (a $2000 value)

A budget outline that allows you to plan ahead with simple instructions and methods (that you’ll actually use and remember!) (a $500 value)

40+ Pre-recorded trainings to guide you through the program (a $5000 value)

30+ Worksheets, downloads & printables (a $3000 value)

PLENTY of prompts to keep you on track & moving toward your goal – think of us as your personal money trainers (a $1000 value)

Bi-monthly support & accountability calls hosted LIVE on Zoom (a $1000 value)

LIFETIME access to the program + all updates – even if they’re made years from now (THIS alone is truly priceless!!)

That’s a $12,000+ value – and you can get everythingthe plan, the support, the GAINS – for just ONE payment of $197!!

What to Expect as a Plan Maker’s Academy member

The Plan Maker’s Academy is designed to be completed in as little as 2-months and is broken up into two phases:

Phase 1

Become a Plan Maker

Phase 2

Build New Habits

Each phase goes DEEP to support your financial GAINS with clearly defined, well-explained, & expertly taught videos and content (like printable worksheets, prompts, & action steps for you to follow.

One of our AH-mazing financial coaches will guide you that month’s topic & exercises – it’s up to you to implement what you learn, and as you’re mastering each lesson, you’ll be building the foundation for future money training plans.

if you’re worried that you’ll be totally lost, we’ve got you. We will guide you through each of the lessons, exercises, & activities via a series of videos & targeted prompts.

Let’s face it – you spend longer training for a single show or meet. And with a show or meet,  you get a few minutes in the spotlight…but with your financial pro card? You’ll  gain a lifetime of confidence & freedom to live the life you’ve been dreaming of.

You can do this. Promise.

Is the Plan Maker Academy Right for You?

We’re going to be totally honest with you – this is an online program, which means that there are some simple requirements you’ll need to meet to ensure your success.

With that in mind, the Plan Maker’s Academy works best for people who are…

Self-motivated – the only time you miss a workout is when you can’t get out of bed because you’re on death’s doorstep. Excuses aren’t in your vocabulary.

Aren’t quite ready to bare your financial soul (so to speak) with another human being…yet. Please know that your current financial situation is nothing to be embarrassed about – we’ve literally heard it all, & we TOTALLY understand you wanting to try this on your own first.

Tight on time – you need a program that you can work when you find a gap in your schedule – you’re super busy right now & know that you’ll make the time to work the program.

Have been considering hiring a financial coach, but aren’t convinced that you need that level of support…yet.

**Please note that this program is for individual use only. If you are a financial coach looking for resources or training, check out our courses & programs at Financial Coach Academy.**